Innovation is about sticking with it

philmckinney | February 21, 2011


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innovation requires that you stick with it

One piece of advice I give to anyone who desires to be the innovation leader within their organization – get ready for the long haul.  Success as an innovator requires focus, determination, tensity and a “never give up” mentality.  Why?  Because there will be more than enough reason to give up.  Others within the organization will feel challenged and react – becoming the corporate anti-bodies against your programs.  Projects will take longer than planned.  Projects will fail.  So why do it?  Because when you do have a success, there is not feeling like it …. continued in the  Sticking With It podcast

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Posted by Barry on Feb 26th, 2011

Great to have you back again. I agree that sticking with it can be the toughest part, particularly when you believe that your idea just sells itself.

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