Slides from NAB speech: The Future Of Media In A Connected World

philmckinney | April 18, 2011


National Association Of Broadcasters

Below are the slides to the speech I gave at this years NAB Show in Las Vegas.  The “speech” description was:

“The Media In A Connected World: Next Generation,” led by McKinney, kicks of the two-part Super Session by exploring the “must-have” devices of the future, and the impact these devices will have on the distribution of content. McKinney will also draw on his expertise as strategic planner, researcher and developer of Hewlett Packer’s PC product lines to project the new trends and technologies influencing the media and entertainment landscape over the next five years. Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to take advantage of new opportunities brought about by the advent of new media devices.  Joining Phil on stage will be Ed Leonard, CTO for DreamWorks Annimation and Jacob Rosenberg, CTO/Director for Bandito Brothers.

What other devices would you like to see in the future??

  • Michael Zerman

    Hi Phil, and thanks for this.

    I’ve also just read Ann Finnie’s overview of your presentation and it reminded me of a terrific discussion last week about the future of cameras and image capture and convergence vis a vis digital stills, smartphones and videography.

    I’ve published a brief intro to that discussion, which includes links to the extensive transcript (13,000 words, phew) of the chat, at:

    May be of interest,

    Michael Zerman
    Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

    Future camera worlds: “Is convergence feasible or desirable for digital stills, smartphones and videography?”

    Just published is a very interesting and future-focussed discussion about image capture, digital sensors, camera and video form factors, innovation in corporations, iteration VS innovation, economics of international camera markets, DSLRs vs compacts vs mirrorless, and more. Quite technical at almost 13,000 words and participants include US photographer Thom Hogan.

    Part one starts here, with part two and part three following.

    Worth cuttin’, pastin’, printin’ and readin’ in a comfortable lounging chair.

    Suitable for: advanced amateur image makers and beyond, innovation-interested types, DSLR users, ASIC/VLSI chip fiends, Silicon Valley watchers, international markets’ analysts, camera designers, surf photographers and polymaths.