Chuck House becomes the new Chancellor of Cogswell College

philmckinney | July 21, 2011


If you’re a regular reader/listener of the blog and podcast, Chuck’s name is a familiar one.  In the past, I interviewed Chuck for the podcast and also did a review of his most recent book HP Phenomenon on the blog.

If you’re not familiar with Chuck, he is the person David Packard talked about in his book The HP Way when highlighting the need to be defiant sometimes in order to get your innovations into the market.  Chuck has been instrumental is helping me to learn and understand Dave and Bill’s philosophy and management approach when it came to creativity and innovation.

This morning I got an email from Chuck letting me know that he is taking on a new role.  Until today, he has been the Executive Director of the Media-X program at Stanford.  The best way for me to describe Media-X is … “The Stanford version of the MIT MediaLab”.

Chuck will be the new Chancellor of Cogswell College.  Cogswell is a 123 year-old small four year college located here in Silicon Valley.  I have to admit, I had never hear of Cogswell until this morning.  Some background …

Located in Sunnyvale in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Cogswell College is an accredited 4-year institution of higher education with a curriculum that fuses art and engineering. It has a distinguished 123-year history in California and has always been associated with best practice in the industries and communities it serves.

Cogswell College offers an intimate and stimulating academic environment that enables its students to earn a BA degree in Digital Art and Animation or Entrepreneurship and Innovation or a BS degree in Digital Arts Engineering, Digital Audio Technology, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering.

The more I read about Cogswell, the more I was impressed.

Congratulations to Chuck and Cogswell.

Link to press release