Why best practices does not equal best strategy (video)

philmckinney | July 18, 2011


Be careful of consultantsBest practices for innovation makes no sense. The consulting industry is built up on the idea of taking the “best” from each of their clients and merging them together and then selling them to all the companies within a given industry. So why is this a bad idea? Best practices make everyone the same — average. Innovation and creativity is about not being average. Its about standing out and doing something unexpected.

Don’t focus on best practices but use innovation and creativity to constantly create “next” practices.

Link to video for download

  • http://hezmatt.org/~mpalmer/blog Matt Palmer

    Interesting thoughts, but I’m not sure that it was worth a video. It seems to work fine as an audio-only presentation, and makes it much more convenient to listen to while driving.