Stop talking about innovation and instead get innovating.

philmckinney | October 4, 2011


I recently gave a speech at the annual PDS Conference (Milwaukee, WI) on the topic of Enabling Innovation: A Strength In Any Economy.  In the speech, I challenged the audience (CIOs, CTOs and other technology leaders) that every group within an organization needed to take ownership of the innovation agenda.  In particular, the CIO/CTO played a key role in enabling the organization and culture to support the critical need for innovation.

Intellectually, we all get the need for innovation.  What’s missing is having an opinion on what and where to innovate.  In the second half of the presentation, I shared what I think will be the major trends over the next 10 years in technology.  Feel free to use them or your own set as the starting point of the innovation conversation.

As promised to the attendees, I’m making the slides available on Slideshare.

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