An Innovation Attitude = Career Success

philmckinney | April 30, 2012


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Success from an innovation attitude

Its easy to criticize others about “not getting” it when it comes to innovation.  Before we jump on others, how is your innovation attitude?

What do I mean by an innovation attitude?

Do you truly believe that you and your team can innovate in your industry and organization?

Many organization and entire industries have written themselves off when it comes to innovation.  I believe down to my core that you can create game-changing innovations in any industry and organization. There is nothing that is off limits.  Remember when everyone wrote off the PC industry 7 years ago?

Are you committed to fight the self-doubt?

We all suffer from self-doubt but innovation is about hope.  The hope that there is something better that can have an impact.  Self-doubt has its roots in fear.  We’ve all failed as some point and innovation is all about failure.  More ideas will fail than succeed so get used to it.  Don’t let your self-doubt talk you out of trying.

Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone?

Innovation is all about change and change is uncomfortable.  The only way to discover opportunities that others have missed is to get out of your comfort zone and look at the problem differently.  Otherwise, you are doing the same thing the same way you’ve done it in the past.  The result is the same old ideas.  Go beyond the obvious and find innovations that others have overlook.

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