Denver entrepreneurs are on fire!

philmckinney | April 26, 2012



Earlier this week, I was in Denver for a series of talks and book signings.  One of the key catalysts for me to come out to Denver was an invitation I got from ICOSA Magazine, a quarterly focused on helping entrepreneurs connect and collaborate.

While in Denver, I was interviewed for ICOSA’s new TV show, Starto.  The photo above is me signing books for the staff after the taping of the show.

To top it off, ICOSA hosted an event for my book, Beyond The Obvious, in the ICOSA Garage and ~300 business leaders and entrepreneurs from the Denver area showed up!  They definitely know how to throw a party.  If you want proof, here are some photos from the event.

Poster promoting Beyond The Obvious for Denver event

Click to see the poster full size

Based on my conversations with people who came out to the party, Colorado is on fire.  I head about some great ideas in the works and innovations that are in the market.   The passion and excitement of the entrepreneurs was contagious.

Keep an eye on Colorado ..