A unique twist on the ‘what’s half of thirteen’ question for photographers

philmckinney | August 27, 2012


Canon Blogger

I came across today’s post over at Canon Blogger about my book and how he took a unique twist of my “what’s half of thirteen” question and applied it to photography.  In his case, he challenges his readers to get creative by taking 13 images of the same object as a way to get beyond the obvious.

Interesting idea … I’ll have to try it myself (on my Canon 7D).

Read the post …

  • Kimd

    Phil, I appreciate the reminder about 13 and enjoyed the other blog also. (The images from Astoria are very cool.) I like the underlying point also about perspective. Each of us can find a new way to look at things and sometimes even the familiar becomes new by virtue of a fresh perspective.

    • http://twitter.com/philmckinney Phil McKinney

      I’m as guilty as anyone about going heads-down and loosing perspective. Sometime I just need to be reminded to pause and take another look …