Students looking for innovation experience? Then be a summer intern – CableLabs style.

philmckinney | March 18, 2013


Learn how to innovate

Its that time of year where I start to get the emails asking about possible intern opportunities for those interesting in learning all they can about innovation.  Here is your opportunity.  This summer, we will be selecting 10 interns to work across the CableLabs organization (R&D, Strategy, Operations, etc).  Since CableLabs is all about innovation, you will have an opportunity to learn and contribute to the innovations that CableLabs is working on.  These are paid internship positions.

Since I don’t have a house in Colorado (in progress), I’m not able to recreate the reverse mentoring experience that I did for years at HP.   Our new Silicon Valley R&D facility won’t be ready until the end of the summer so this years internships are in Colorado.

We are looking for the best and brightest.  If you’re a student and passionate about innovation, then apply for this years internships.

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