Just imagine what you can do

philmckinney | April 16, 2014



Do you take the time to just imagine?

Yes, John Lennon had it right, and you can too.


It is the first step in any creative process. Without imagination, it would be sad to think where our world would be. Just consider the man who imagined bending a piece of metal in a fashion that would hold many papers together….the paperclip. How about the imagination that saw a piece of thread that would emit light….the light-bulb. It all started with imagination, and this is why Albert Einstein’s quote rings with so much truth:

“Imagination—is more important than knowledge—knowledge is limited.

Whatever your goal is; whatever your priority. You may want to build a house for your family. You may want to build a doghouse for your pooch. You may want to invent the next item everyone on Earth will need. You may want to write and publish a book. It all starts with one simple word:


Have you stopped the chaos for a short time just to think, to create, to invent? You should.

Successful people use it and it doesn’t cost anything. Imagination is free, you just need to pull it out and use it. Some of you may be saying, “but I can’t just pull it when I need it. My muse too illusive for me.” In my book: Beyond The Obvious , the role of the “killer” questions is to spark the imagination when you need to find that idea.

Imagination means to clear the mind of all the other junk that often “clutters” it. By doing so, imagination can become real and not be “grounded” by the negative effects of the world we live in.

Yes, just imagine what you can do; what you can make; what you can be.

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