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As a highly sought keynote speaker and innovation management consultant, Phil McKinney’s engaging talks and workshops help organizations “stay alive” throughout the innovation process by moving past the stale, accepted answers that stifle innovation.

Speaking Topics

7 Immutable Laws of Innovation – Over the years of being in the innovation space, Phil has discovered a set of laws by trial and error.  Needless to say, he has the scars from the school of hard knocks to validate that these are the set of laws that are critical for innovation success. If you violate any one of them, the consequences can be disastrous.  These laws apply to all sizes of organizations ranging from well-established multi-nationals, to early stage start-ups to governments.

Creating A Culture of Innovation – Phil has built highly effective innovation teams from scratch based on creating a culture of innovation.  Foundational to creating this culture is helping organizations codify what he calls “core attributes”.  Core attributes are those attributes an organization holds as the foundation on which it performs work and conducts itself.  Done well, they are empowering to an organization. Done poorly, and the innovation culture will fail.

A Practical Way to Innovate – There are a lot of innovation guru’s who are out touting their specific approach to innovate yet most have never actually created an innovation. Phil on the other hand has walked the talk and it’s this real-world experience that Phil shares in his workshops. His approach is to keep it simple so that an individual or organization can achieve their innovation objectives. What do I mean by objectives?

ob·jec·tive  [uhb-jek-tiv] – something that one’s efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish; purpose; goal; target

Isn’t that what innovation is all about?


Phil McKinney is President and CEO of CableLabs. In this capacity he heads the research and development organization responsible for charting the cable industry’s technology and innovation roadmap.

Prior to joining CableLabs, he was the vice president and chief technology officer of the $40 billion (FY12) Personal Systems Group at HP. He was responsible for long-range strategic planning, research and development (R&D) and product roadmaps for the company’s PC product lines, including mobile devices, notebooks, desktops and workstations. In addition, McKinney was founder and leader of HP’s Innovation Program Office (IPO). The IPO was chartered to identify, incubate and launch adjacent and fundamentally new technologies, products and services that would become the future growth engines for HP.

Recently (February 2012), Phil released his first book on innovation and personal creativity titled Beyond The Obvious, published by Hyperion. The book is available in hardcover, digital and audio formats. The book will soon be available in Russian, Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean and Japanese.

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