Bill Gates – Call for innovation

At the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit in Redmond, Wash., Bill Gates challenged the audience to create solutions that will “change the way things are done.” Some of the items that he identified as the key areas of innovation were:
– Terascale computing
– Wireless mesh networking (low cost d2d autonomous networking)
– New form factors of devices (mobile phones)
– Social computing
– Personal databases (automatic roaming)
– Software development (tools of the past have not kept pace with the complexity of software)
– Machine learning
What items would add to your own list? For me, areas of innovation/design that I believe will have a significant impact (in addition to the list above), include:
– Pervasive computing (autonomous modular computing systems – everywhere)
– Rich media (eye/ear candy will be a key catalyst of innovation)
– Radical simplicity (design/innovation methodologies that deliver elegant solutions that are “user usable”)
What would you add to the list?
Bill Gate's Video

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