avoid doing the obvious red …Looking forward to having you on the radio show .The show will be recorded on [DAY/DATE] at [TIME]. The URL for past shows and guest interviews is: http://KillerInnovations.com ( http://killerinnovations.com/ )Show StructureI would like to have you on for the first three segments.      – Segment 1 is 11 minutes     – Segment 2 is 8 minutes 50 seconds     – Segment 3 is 10 minutes 50 secondsWe use Zoom.us for the interview. We find video allows us to have a more natural discussion. The audio from the call is streamed to the ~30 stations that carry the show.  The producers would strongly prefer you to be hardwired into your router to reduce any risk of bad WiFi coverage. They also would ask that you use a headset/microphone and not the microphone typically built into a laptop.The link to connect to the show is: https://KillerInnovations.zoom.us/j/751773642 ( https://killerinnovations.zoom.us/j/751773642 )  I would suggest you connect a few days early as you will need to load a small app to connect.As I’m sure you are quite familiar with, we have hard stops for the commercial breaks. Before we get to the last 90 seconds in each segment, we need to wrap the topic at hand so that I can transition to the commercial break.AudienceThe audience for the show are inventors, innovators and creatives in organizations ranging from start-ups to large multinationals.Our mission is to interview leading innovators, such as yourself, so that you can share your story and how you used creativity, design and innovation to achieve your success.The demographics for the show audience can be found at: http://killerinnovations.com/scoreboard/ ( http://killerinnovations.com/scoreboard/ )I’m also open to broadening the discussion to topics you want to discuss.  Feel free to send me background information along with questions/topics you would suggest.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.Thanks ..[YOURNAME]Show Producer

doing the obvious

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