What Is Hot and Not For Innovations at CES 2018

Annual CES Predictions for 2018

Innovations at CES

Each year for the last decade or so, we put together a list of what will be the hot innovations for the coming year. This year, I’ve included what I think will be the innovations that will be over-hyped in 2018. so – here is my view of what will hot and not for innovations […]

A Prediction Of The Near Future (Vision Video)

Predicting What The Gigabit Home Of The Future Will Be Like

Prediction Near Future Network Vision Video

Vision videos are a great way to share a prediction of the future. I’ve written before about the vision video’s that I’ve been part of including Roku’s Reward (2006) and Corning “A Day Made of Glass” (2011). Today, we are releasing a new vision video, The Near Future Network, that tells the story of the “Gigabit Home”. […]

Finding Bubbles and Predicting the Burst

predicting bubbles

Many innovators and entrepreneurs have dozens of ideas every day for the perfect new business. They’re sure that this is the next big thing, that this idea will outlast the competition. Unfortunately, some of those ideas may fall prey to the “bubble” problem: they begin quickly, expand rapidly, and burst just as fast, leaving their […]

200 Years of Great Ideas and Hard Work Led To the Overnight Success of Your Smartphone

Title: The Journey of the Communication Industry

As I discussed in a previous post, the basic components of success are the idea, hard work, timing, and maybe a little bit of luck. Here, we’ll look at how that formula worked to create the massive success of the modern cell phone. Success As you walk down the street in any major city in […]

What innovation can you leverage from military bombing to kill bacteria and viruses in the human body?

bomb innovations military

Gizmodo recently reported that some researchers at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense are working on a new way to attack bacteria and viruses in the human body using buckyballs. A buckyball is a molecule that contains 60 carbon atoms arranged in the shape of a football. While scientists have been playing with buckyballs […]

8 Conditions of Technology Development

Technology Development

I was recently going through some old files and notebooks and came across a paper I wrote during my sophomore year in college (Spring 1980).  The paper was for a course on the history of technology that I titled, Conditions of Technology Development.  The professor, who happened to be the Assistant Dean of the College of […]

Are You Part Of The Gray Wave? If Not Yet, You Will Be!

Gray Wave - the growing population of those over 65

For the last few weeks, my wife has been back in Cincinnati helping my Grandmother who just turned 95 last week, still lives in the same house she raised her kids in and still cooks and cleans. Whenever I’m in Cincinnati for business, I have to stay at the house with her else she will kick my b** — and she can! Not to mention she makes a killer chocolate cake to bribe me to come back.