Event Support

Phil McKinney giving a keynote speech at Computer History Musem

The following are support materials for use by event coordinators who are supporting events where Phil will be appearing.  If you have any questions or need other information, please send an email to events@philmckinney.com.

To save the images, click on the image to load it into its own browser page.  Then right-click on the image and select “save as”.  You will then be given the option to store the image on your device.

Office Bio for Phil

The following is the official bio for Phil that can be used to promote your event.

Phil McKinney Office Bio

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 Background On Phil

The following is background information that can be used to construct an introduction of Phil for your event.

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Phil McKinney Headshots

Phil McKinney Headshot (9.43 MB)

5616 x 3744 (9.43 MB)

Phil McKinney Headshot 3060 x 3060

3060 x 3060 (1.27 MB)

Phil McKinney Headshot 3180 x 3120

3180 x 3120 (445 KB)


Phil McKinney Avatar

The following avatar's are approved as the official branding for Phil McKinney.

Phil McKinney Wordmark 1250 x 300

1250 x 300 (90 KB)

Phil McKinney Logo Vertical 700 x 1500

700 x 1500 JPG (192 KB)


Phil McKinney Logo Avatar Only

367 x 803 JPG (107 KB)

Phil McKinney Logo Square 1500 x 1500

1500 x 1500 JPG (273 KB)


Beyond The Obvious Book Jacket/Cover

Cover for Beyond The Obvious - a book by Phil McKinney

1875 x 2853 454K

Logo for Beyond The Obvious

1875 x 1687 (687KB)

260 x 415 (116KB)


Killer Innovations Radio Show/Podcast Logo's

Killer Innovation logo with trademark symbol

1500 x 600

Killer Innovations Cover Art

1200 x 1200 No Border

Killer Innovations PNG cover art with border

1200 x 1200 with border