To help move from theory to reality, I have resurrected a course I created a number of years back titled, “Innovation Boot Camp”. Participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the practices, behaviors, and culture that have made Silicon Valley an innovation cauldron for 70+ years.

innovation boot camp workshop by Phil McKinney

The Innovation Boot Camp is 3 1/2 -day hands-on workshop structured to help participants quickly improve their innovative thinking while immersing themselves in activities that will help them practice new innovation skills on real opportunities. The Boot Camp will provide participants:

  • Lectures from seasoned, experienced innovators who can speak to real-world issues and scenarios.
  • Discussion opportunities with Silicon Valley thought leaders and experienced innovation practitioners working closely in small teams
  • Innovation best practices that will give participants the skills to generate innovative ideas, determine which of those ideas are impactful, and what it takes to change them into game-changing innovations.
  • Hands-on exercises and team activities designed to effectively apply what they’ve learned.
  • Strategic storytelling to help participants create a compelling overview of their idea in order to gain stakeholder support
  • Ongoing access to an innovation community of peers.


Date: October 15, 2019—October 18, 2019
Time: 09:00 a.m.
Event: Innovation Boot Camp
Topic: Innovation Boot Camp
Sponsor: CableLabs
(303) 661-9100
Venue: CableLabs HQ
(303) 661-9100
Location: 858 Coal Creek Circle
Louisville, CO 80027
United States
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.