Ideas generated in the Killer Innovation workshop on education

Killer Innovation workshop

On May 6th 2011, 11 people volunteered their time to participate in a Killer Innovations workshop to “Innovate Education”.  The following video shows the “grouping exercise” for the ideas generated during the workshop.

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The major groupings that emerged were:

  • Teacher retirement based on % of student income
  • Re-emphasize 4H, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the schools
  • Think global versus national or local about education
  • Stop focusing on best practices (copying what others do).  Its about “next” practice
  • Be willing to test alternative approaches to education
  • Make technology part of the education process
  • Teachers + Students design curriculum
  • Corporate support for education
  • Rethink preparing students for post high school when not going to college
  • Students teaching students
  • Work study/mentoring/apprenticeship to augment the classroom
  • Fix the “test” focused approach to education
  • Look at the design of the classroom environment (lighting, work surfaces, etc)
  • Teach critical and creative thinking skills across all subjects
  • Expand the use of specialty schools (magnet, science/technology, art, etc)
  • Bring back art, music and foreign language
  • Recreate the teacher evaluation and pay system
  • Redesign the structure of the school day/year
  • Fix the funding model (e.g. change Prop 13 in California)
  • Go Digital – Education version of the electronic medical record (e.g. full transparency for parents)
  • Change the homework (e.g . too much, busy work rather than teaching)
  • Dropout prevention
  • Admin/teach mentoring and rotation to avoid the us versus them
  • Match teaching and learning styles (e.g. verbal, visual, tactical, etc)


A high-res version of the grouping diagram along with the closeup's of the individual sections is available on Flickr

What are the top 3 ideas you could get behind?

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