Ideas generated in the Killer Innovation workshop on education

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On May 6th 2011, 11 people volunteered their time to participate in a Killer Innovations workshop to “Innovate Education”.  The following video shows the “grouping exercise” for the ideas generated during the workshop.

Killer Innovation workshop

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The major groupings that emerged were:

  • Teacher retirement based on % of student income
  • Re-emphasize 4H, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in the schools
  • Think global versus national or local about education
  • Stop focusing on best practices (copying what others do).  Its about “next” practice
  • Be willing to test alternative approaches to education
  • Make technology part of the education process
  • Teachers + Students design curriculum
  • Corporate support for education
  • Rethink preparing students for post high school when not going to college
  • Students teaching students
  • Work study/mentoring/apprenticeship to augment the classroom
  • Fix the “test” focused approach to education
  • Look at the design of the classroom environment (lighting, work surfaces, etc)
  • Teach critical and creative thinking skills across all subjects
  • Expand the use of specialty schools (magnet, science/technology, art, etc)
  • Bring back art, music and foreign language
  • Recreate the teacher evaluation and pay system
  • Redesign the structure of the school day/year
  • Fix the funding model (e.g. change Prop 13 in California)
  • Go Digital – Education version of the electronic medical record (e.g. full transparency for parents)
  • Change the homework (e.g . too much, busy work rather than teaching)
  • Dropout prevention
  • Admin/teach mentoring and rotation to avoid the us versus them
  • Match teaching and learning styles (e.g. verbal, visual, tactical, etc)
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A high-res version of the grouping diagram along with the closeup's of the individual sections is available on Flickr

What are the top 3 ideas you could get behind?

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0 thoughts on “Ideas generated in the Killer Innovation workshop on education

  1. I don’t prefer:

    Think global versus national or local about education…everything that I have done really well has to do with a connection to what is around me. Students need to study and visit he local environment, work with local industry, and think locally before they can gain the confidence and experience to think and act globally.
    Teachers + Students design curriculum. I have never seen students do a good job of designing their curriculum even in higher education. It takes too much time and energy and ends up working out poorly unless there is student consensus which is unlikely.

    I do support:

    Students teaching students. Yes, this is critical to fostering interpersonal communication skills and should be an activity that exists outside of the standard classroom pedagogy (or dedicated time should be set aside at the beginning of each class).

    Match teaching and learning styles (e.g. verbal, visual, tactical, etc). If you don’t address all of these in your lesson, you’ve probably missed an opportunity to educate someone.

    The next two I support is classroom design to encourage a boardroom or collaborative environment where and when possible to encourage peer to peer communication (even in math and science) but I am a geek and think tablets (with enough battery power) can revolutionize quizzes, q and a and material retention because students have all of their previous work with them, never leave important textbooks behind and can search their prior work. Students also can take information outside the classroom such as photos for an art class, news clippings etc and bring it into the classroom painlessly.