Ignore The Obvious speech on Innovation at Argyle Executive Forum (slides)


This morning I gave a keynote at the Argyle Executive Forum event in NYC.  The title of the talk was “Ignore The Obvious” covering a wide range of areas to help the audience better understand and use innovation as a competitive advantage:

  • Doing the obvious is what everyone expects
  • Doing the obvious is average which means its boring and who wants to be boring
  • To ignore the obvious, you need to think differently.
  • Our brains are wired to avoid risk … think of the feeling you get leaning over the edge of a cliff
  • Innovation is a risk and people will avoid it out of “fear”
  • One major roadblock for innovation is the “corporate hairball” .. the rules and assumptions that build up over time
  • The corporate anti-bodies are part of every organization with the self defined charter to protect the organization from risk (violating the “rules”)
  • The key to challenging the corporate hairball, the anti-bodies and to be successful in innovation is ask questions
  • Not just any questions but killer questions
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Ignore The Obvious – 30 Minute Version

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