Job Of The Future: Creativity Guru

creativity guru

As we move from the information/knowledge economy to the creative economy, a new category of jobs will need to be created.  These new jobs will be critical to helping companies make the transition from the “old world” to the “new”. One such job of the future – creativity guru.

For those of us who watched anyone over 75 years old struggle with the emergence of the information/knowledge economy, we can only guess what the transition will be to the creative economy.

Will your existing job survive in the new economy?  Here is a sample job description of one possible new role …..

Background: Creativity Guru

Why is that leading company are finding themselves loosing market share and profits?  I would argue that is the result of little to no focus on creating products and services that matter to their customers.  The company felt that it could succeed by doing what they have always done.  They missed the transition to the creative economy and still doubt that there is such a shift underway.  They do acknowledge it needs to do something and therefor agrees to adopt this trend called “innovation” as the savior for the business.

Job Title: Creativity Guru

Responsibilities (as defined by the company):

Create products like Acme Industries, our chief competitor, that has taken the market leadership role,  so that we have the same profit margin and market cap.

Responsibilities (what it should be):

Take long sabbaticals away from the office to ensure no undo influence from the “corporate anti-bodies”.  Use these sabbaticals to immerse yourself into markets and customers and to find new, never before contemplated market opportunities.  Find those unspoken needs and wants.  Bring these ideas to the executive team and convince them on the viability and opportunity.  Don't take no for an answer.  Be the innovation champion.

If you were the hiring manager, what skills and experiences would you look for?

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