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A few weeks back, I was in London for press interviews and customer meetings.  The press interviews were with The Daily Telegraph, The Inquirer, Computing, Reuters and a podcast with The Guardian.  As with any press interviews, you never know when or if any articles will come from it.  In this case, the objective was not to generate a direct story but to share thoughts/ideas on what the future holds (3 to 5 years out).   I do this annually (sample – link to Forbes video from last year) as it seems most magazines, newspapers, blogs and podcasts write end-of-year articles making predictions for the future..

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Some of the interviews from this year have now been released ….,uk's Dave Bellows wrote an article based on the interview with me titled “Where Next For Mobile IT?” where his leadin describes the article as “…what advances business users can expect over the next few years

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The Guardian's Tech Weekly Podcast contains an interview described as  “… giving us his thoughts on the industry, the future and more.

What are your predictions 3 to 5 years out??

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