On NBC Discussing How Companies Can Be More Innovative (video)

Yesterday, I recorded two segments for NBC's Press:Here that will appear on Sunday, April 8th @ 9:00 AM in SFO and then later on cable in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and Washington DC.

NBC logo press:here

In segment one, the questions focused on the stodginess of HP, the Palm acquisition, the cancellation of the TouchPad, WebOS and the role that culture plays in innovation.

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In segment two, the discussion covered what do companies like HP and Yahoo need to do to be more innovative, killer questions, the role of founder CEO's in the innovation efforts and CEO's that are innovation leaders.

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6 thoughts on “On NBC Discussing How Companies Can Be More Innovative (video)

    • Thanks .. I wasn’t expecting the Boy Scout/Eagle Scout comment at the start of the show.

      One point of correction, Scott starts off saying “.. was an Eagle Scout”. Once your an Eagle, you are always an Eagle.

  1. After watching the second segment, I have to ask, did the CableLabs board give you the “Founder CEO abilities” you mentioned?