The Pay It Forward Project

To take what we've been blessed with and to pay it forward so that others have an opportunity to succeed.

source url I began my tech career in a factory in Evansville, IN as the sole “geek” living in a condemned (yes – it actually was condemned) apartment building with my wife who was finishing her nursing degree. How things have changed from that humble beginning. When I look back on my career and where it has brought us, there is no way we can pay back the time and support I received from my mentors.  Therefore, my wife and I have committed ourselves to find ways to take what we've been blessed with and to pay it forward.

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Pay It Forward So my wife and I:

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  • Donate 100% of the royalties from my book, Beyond The Obvious, to charity.
  • Any profits from my activities outside my day job such speaking fees, radio show advertising, and innovation coaching, are donated to charity.
  • Invest in entrepreneurs in Rwanda to support economic development through jobs. Our primary investment to-date is Lakeside Fish Farm.

How Can You Support Our Project?

follow link There are a number of ways you can help me “pay it forward”. These include:

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  • Purchase my book. You can get an autographed copy at and 100% of the proceeds goes to charity.
  • You can donate directly to one of the two charities we support.
    • Hacking Autism: Focus is on hacking (radically improving) therepy, technology and career/employment opportunites for those on the autism spectrum. You can donate at
    • Pioneer Education: A prototype school in Rwanda Africa that will teach STEM+Entrepreneurship so that kids will be equipped to launch and tun their own business and thereby create economic opportunity to their community. You can donate at Pioneer.Education