Profile In The San Jose Mercury News

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As I mentioned in last weeks podcast, I was recently interviewed for a profile that was to appear in a local paper.  Well — it was released today.  For those of you interested, you can click on the link below to read the article.  For some reason, the Q&A section that appeard in the printed version is not available online.

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Profile in the San Jose Mercury News

My wife has the objective of not being Googled.  I may have violated that rule by answersing some personal questions for the profile.  If your interested, you can read the “very personal profile”.

As with any reporting, some editing occured and two of my kids were dropped from the personal profile.  Both of my son-in-laws are great guys and I'm proud of them.  For those of you who are curious (not sure why):

  • Oliver Roehl (Married to my oldest daughter – Tara)
  • Brian Rice (married to my youngest daughter – Rachel)
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