Slides From “Garage Based Innovation” Speech At Stanford

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A few weeks back, I gave a speech at one of the Standford Breakfast Briefings.  The topic was on “Garage Based Innovation” with the emphasis being on the personal ability to innovate.  Some of the items covered included:

  • The Rule Of The Garage
  • The Challenges Of Innovation (Innovation Gap and the Innovate Delay)
  • Knowledge Is A Comodity
  • Creativity Is Not A “Gift” But A Skill
  • Everyone Is Creative
  • Skills Of Creativity (FIRE+PO)
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The speech is very similiar to ones I've given before with some additions around the “garage”.   This same content is available on the Creating Killer Innovations CD (To order:  US order or  International Ordering)

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  1. Phil,

    Quick question regarding slide #17 and how all 3 small pictures go together and what you talked about on this slide?


    Scott S.