Slides From The Keynote At The Open Innovation Summit

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Slides From The Keynote At The Open Innovation Summit

Below are the slides I used during my keynote this morning at the Open Innovation Summit in Orlando.  The topic was “How to Win In The Creative Economy” and touched on:

  • The transtion we are experiencing from the knowledge economy to the creative economy
  • The challenges of innovation (corporate anti-bodies, educational systems, etc)
  • The way to unlock your creative skills (FIRE+PO)
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Winning In The Creative Economy Final

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Update:  The slides are now available for download (as a PDF)  – Slides for Winning In The Innovation Economy

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0 thoughts on “Slides From The Keynote At The Open Innovation Summit

  1. Very nice slides, I see this theme resonating from books, professors, and industry professionals.

    Are we truly moving away from the knowledge economy? What advice would you give to students about to enter their professional career?

  2. Phil, thanks for your presentation at the Open Innovation Summit ’09 – it was a great way to kick it off, and other presenters were still referring to your presentation a couple of days later.

    Good luck with keeping the “Yes, But” dragons at bay!