Surprising Inspiration for Personal Creativity

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Whether a businessman, chemist, a doctor, or a poet, personal creativity is essential to success. From creativity, new ideas are spawned, and thus, new innovations. Unfortunately, creative thinking isn't always a switch to be flipped… or is it? Instead of banging your head against the closest door, check out these interesting instances of real people finding inspiration yards away from the confines of the nearest box.

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Fantasy writer Tiyana Marie White watches footage of people on LSD. In a blog post, she writes:

I have a fictional substance in my story… one I wanted to have psychedelic-like effects on its users… In order for me to be able to render scenes in which this substance was being used with some semblance of realism, I first needed to witness for myself how a real psychedelic drug affected people.

Listening to this young woman is like trying to decode a poem. Like White, I wouldn't recommend drugs, either, but watching someone – from a comfortable distance – is an effective way to observe. It's the time-tested art of research, which in White's case, prompted an unexpected article.

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Another fiction writer, Dayna Lorentz, writes in this article from WastePaper Prose about finding inspiration from a relic in a museum:

I found a dagger [with] gorgeous script on its blade that is a quote from a poem about the waters of paradise, and I thought, ‘What kind of person puts a quote about the waters of paradise on the blade of his or her dagger?' Instantly, my mind conjured this awesome assassin character.

Lorentz's experience – a moment of creative inspiration in an unexpected context, on her off time – is proof that ideas don't always schedule an appointment. If stumped, try going somewhere entertaining, and hopefully stumble upon your own creative revelation.

Copywriter Meg Kirsic writes about a fun, quick solution to creative block – having a “dance party” at her desk:

Put on a song you love that makes you move, and just let it all go. It gives you a little cardio, makes you feel awesome for five minutes, and takes your mind off the writing topic. Then sit down, take some deep breaths, and write.

Kirsic's club-in-a-cubicle solution could be incorporated in casual workplaces or reinvented to suit your individual situation. If it's necessary to take the personal disco to your car, do so on a break. If music isn't your thing, try going for a walk around the building or playing a game for a few minutes. The idea is to distract, refresh, and refocus, whatever the method.

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Whether seeking to enrich your personal life or further the success of your business, look for the surprising inspirations for your personal creativity.


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    So true. With an open mind and heightened awareness of our surroundings, inspiration really can strike at any time or any place, sometimes in very unusual ways.

    Interesting article. Thanks for the reference!

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