ABC News Video On 3D

Here is the ABC Tech This Out show on 3D that I appeared in.  This is an old segment that I’ve been meaning to post.  When do you think 3D will go mainstream??  What do you think is holding it back?? Let me know …

Sundance and 3D (Updated with video)

With all of the excitement around 3D (Avatar, UP, Monsters Versus Aliens, etc) , the key driver for the future success of the media is in expanding the development of good 3D content. Because of the newness of the media, there is the need to share the lessons learned, techniques and technologies to help content creators. So the members of the loosely organized “3D Consortium” (DreamWorks, Sony, Disney, NBA and HP) came together to develop a 3D Workshop for the Sundance Film Festival.

Walking Around With Forbes at CES

Forbes video

During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES),  I’m busy with meetings and press interviews the first few days of the show so I reserve Saturday to get out and see what others are showing.  This year, Brian Caulfield asked if he and a video crew from Forbes could join me for the first hour of my […]