Innovation Antibodies: Thanks but no thanks for your ideas … now please go away

The innovation antibodies are alive and well in every organization that I’ve ever been involved with.  Some people just can’t help themselves.  They feel like they have the right and obligation to educate the person as to why their ideas won’t work. By allowing these people to operate unchecked, leaders signal to the organization that new […]

Ignore The Obvious speech on Innovation at Argyle Executive Forum (slides)

  This morning I gave a keynote at the Argyle Executive Forum event in NYC.  The title of the talk was “Ignore The Obvious” covering a wide range of areas to help the audience better understand and use innovation as a competitive advantage: Doing the obvious is what everyone expects Doing the obvious is average […]

Your Attitude Will Predict Your Innovation Success

When it comes to being part of a team that is tasked with creating killer innovations, there will be people coming out of the woodwork to criticize what you are doing.  Your attitude can and will determine your innovation success.  When I look back on innovation programs that I’ve been involved with, those that had […]