A Bizarre New Perspective on Brainstorm

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We’ve all been in a meeting where we were asked to brainstorm.  The concept is familiar. Everyone involved writes out everything they can think of on the given topic, even if it seems strange, silly, or not quite practical, because sometimes, as we let our brains really run, we come across a solution or idea that […]

Does Brainstorming Deserve its Bad Rap?

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In the last few years, brainstorming has been shot down, put down, and dismissed.  Why? Has the brainstorm process lived past its usefulness? Since 1941, when Alex Osborn changed the culture of advertising with innovative, nonjudgmental thought-generating, brainstorming has been a major part of business.  Osborn described brainstorming as “a conference technique by which a group attempts to […]

Brainstorming for Fun and Profit – 5 Tips for Teams


Today’s economy is not for the weak of heart.  From new media to flexible work hours to diverse workplaces, the business of business has become more complex than it ever was before.   To compete in the ever-changing marketplace, you have to flexible, creative, and daring without forsaking sensible business practices. However, it’s easy to […]