Stop Being Negative: Become an Anti-Critic

stop being critical else no innovation

It’s an unfortunate fact that the world is full of critics who feel that it’s their place to put others down left and right, based on their ideas, actions, and even personal beliefs. It seems that being negative is the order of the day, based on its prevalence among TV pundits, editorials, and anonymous internet comments. […]

Our tendency to over protect ideas hinders innovation

secret new ideas

Many brilliant new ideas seemingly appear from outer-space. Some call them Aha! Moments, Epiphanies, and Flashes of Insight. Writer Steven Johnson disagrees and instead believes that the right conditions and collaborations are the spark for these new ideas. While collaborations produce the right circumstance, our tendency to over protect ideas hinders innovation. In a July 2010 TED Talk, Johnson describes important breakthrough […]