200 Years of Great Ideas and Hard Work Led To the Overnight Success of Your Smartphone

Title: The Journey of the Communication Industry

As I discussed in a previous post, the basic components of success are the idea, hard work, timing, and maybe a little bit of luck. Here, we’ll look at how that formula worked to create the massive success of the modern cell phone. Success As you walk down the street in any major city in […]

Why is it so hard to give a good speech?

The ability to communicate is a skill/ability that is in short supply.  I know of a number of highly intelligent people who seem to struggle during their presentations to share their ideas.  If you can’t effectively communicate, then the impact of your ideas is near zero.  Communicating, especially publicly in the form of a speech or presentation, […]

Speech: The Journey of the Communication Industry

Title: The Journey of the Communication Industry

Attached is a speech I gave yesterday here in Madrid, Spain at the HP Software Universe. The material presents the history (lessons learned) and future trends for the communication (or what HP calls the Network and Service Provider – NSP) industry. I apologize for the poor recording quality …. my voice tends to fade in […]