What is your Dilbert Index? It’s More Important Than You Think

  Organizational culture is one of those items that you can’t describe what it is, but you know when it’s broken.  In the 7 Immutable Laws of Innovation, the Law of Culture states: Establishing and nurturing an innovation culture sets the foundation for the organization. For leaders it means rewarding the right behavior (teamwork, collaboration, […]

11 Simple Rules For Getting Along With Others

One of the challenges for creating a culture of innovation within an organization is the ability to get along with others. Innovation is about constant change which is uncomfortable and stressful. The result is that some individuals/groups will not respond and actually become quite negative (corporate anti-bodies) to the innovation effort. What are you to do? How do you build a bridge to these individuals/groups? How do you get along with people who react so negativly to your ideas?