Sharing is Caring – So Share Your Idea!

graphic of sharing ideas and why teams are important

One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is convincing ourselves that our ideas are unique and ours alone. We rationalize keeping our ideas to ourselves because we are afraid that others will steal them, or worst—we believe our ideas aren’t good enough. Our ideas are precious, but they aren’t that unique nor that […]

Is the fear of failure killing your creativity and hindering your success?

fear of failure

If you look at any of your favorite creative projects, you will see a polished gem staring you in the face.  And this is where most people stop.  The final product is so amazing that it intimidates them.  Fear and doubt paralyze their minds, their thoughts become jumbled.  And they forget the most important factor in any creative […]

Are you afraid of innovation?

afraid of innovation

What is an innophobic?  It is a person who is so afraid of innovation that they won’t even try. Have you ever noticed that when someone asks you to do something that you’ve never tried before; you immediately start hearing voices in our head trying to convince you that you can’t do it?  It happens […]

What drives that fear that kills innovation?

  Innovations are rejected for how they make make people feel long before they are reviewed on their merits.  Why is it?  Any new idea solicits a reaction from the people who are in decision path to approve and fund the development.  The most common of emotions is fear. Fear is an interesting emotion.  It […]