Neurodiversity and Innovation: The Benefits of Hiring Employees Who Break the Mold

Today, a diverse workplace is not only common, it’s a requirement. While racial and gender diversity are givens, there’s also an important new frontier: neurodiversity. A neurodiverse workplace provides new talent opportunities for those previously deemed unemployable, and more importantly, it provides workplaces with new perspectives and ways of thinking that spur more creative solutions […]

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Spark Your Innovation By Hiring People On The Autism Spectrum (Neural Diversity)

Late last year, I was asked to give a speech in Atlanta to AIMD (American Institute for the Managing Diversity).  Given the work with Hacking Autism, they also asked if my daughter could join.  So for the first time, Tara and I made a joint appearance. The topic of the speech was on the need […]

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Is your team diversity enough to create killer innovations?

On Wednesday, I will be traveling to Atlanta to give a speech on “Innovation and Diversity” to the American Institute for the Management of Diversity. Given the title and the group, you may think you know what I will be talking about but you would wrong. The topic description is: The key to unlocking the […]

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