Does it count when old ideas become new ideas?

In the world of innovation, it can be hard to come up with new ideas. It seems like no matter what you think you’ve dreamed up, someone else has had that same dream. But who wants old ideas? Would you believe “a hungry public”? Kurt Wenner is not only a master of his art, he’s the creator of […]

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Our tendency to over protect ideas hinders innovation

Many brilliant new ideas seemingly appear from outer-space. Some call them Aha! Moments, Epiphanies, and Flashes of Insight. Writer Steven Johnson disagrees and instead believes that the right conditions and collaborations are the spark for these new ideas. While collaborations produce the right circumstance, our tendency to over protect ideas hinders innovation. In a July 2010 TED Talk, Johnson describes important breakthrough […]

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Are customers a source of ideas for innovation?

Of course, innovation should be customer focused. At a minimum, most companies will conduct a focus group, survey, or other market research periodically to gauge customers needs and wants. This data is provided to innovation teams, as one of many inputs, to help them frame the ideas that will lead to next new product or service offering. […]

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Core Attributes For An Innovation Culture

The key foundation for an innovation culture is what I call the “core attributes”.  Core attributes are those attributes the organization holds which form the foundation on which its perform work and conduct itself.  Done well, they are empowering to an organization. What to think about when defining your core attributes: Govern personal and business relationships […]

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Disagree at your own risk

  In my opinion, those organizations that encourage disagreement have a higher likelihood of success.  Why?  Because encouraging team member to voice their disagreement brings out alternative ideas, enhancements and perspectives that management didn’t consider or overlooked. Be careful because most organizations don’t have a culture that supports open disagreement.  Once management makes their decision, […]

The ultimate of constraint based innovation – burn the boats!

  Seth Godin recently made a post on his blog about putting yourself into an impossible position and then setting back and watching incredibly things happen. I’m a big believer of constraint based innovation where leaders purposefully restrict some key resource(s) (people, money, time, etc) and then force the team to solve the task by creating a unique approach […]

Why is it so hard to give a good speech?

The ability to communicate is a skill/ability that is in short supply.  I know of a number of highly intelligent people who seem to struggle during their presentations to share their ideas.  If you can’t effectively communicate, then the impact of your ideas is near zero.  Communicating, especially publicly in the form of a speech or presentation, […]

3 More Innovation Contests

The response to the original post of three interesting innovation contests was so positive, I’ve decided to start collecting contests and then posting them on the blog and on the twitter stream. I’m not sure why there is such a strong interest in contests. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to have some validation of our creative ability. At the same time, rejection of our ideas can be a challenge to our psyche.

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Here are three more innovation contest that you may be interested in.

3 Interesting Innovation Competitions

In a recent set of tweets, I commented on the growing number of innovation competitions.  A number of you responded by sending me a list of competitions that you found interesting.  If you have more competitions, post them as comments below or send them via email.  Given the challenges that are facing us as a […]

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