Innovation Coach: 4 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting One

The emergence of the innovation coach is the newest hot topic in the innovation community. While executive coaching is a well-accepted tool to improve overall organizational and personal performance, can the same be said about innovation coaches? The impact of executive coaching is proven to have an impact.  The Economic Times reports “Coaching resulted in an […]

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Are you ever too old for the innovation game?

  Are you ever too old for the innovation game?  I sure hope not because I have no plans to stop.  In the case of David Packard, he retired from HP at the ripe old of 81 yet continued to devote his creative abilities to innovate undersea robots and imaging technologies with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which he […]

Presentation: An Introduction to the Killer Innovation Approach

  Below are the slides from a presentation I gave last week introducing IT executives to the Killer Innovation Approach. In addition to the slides, I ran the attendee’s through a “sample” workshop over dinner where they were provided a task/objective, they had to meet an idea quota, rank their ideas and then present their […]