How Competition and Gamification Can Spur Innovation

using gamification to create breakthrough innovations

The concept of gamification is increasingly popular as a means of motivating employees, increasing productivity, and moving ideas forward. This trend is one driving force behind the proliferation of innovation competitions around the world, but it’s also true that these kinds of competitions aren’t anything new. The concept dates back to the 1700s when governments […]

Should one government encourage innovation in another country?

encourage innovation

There are all kinds of economic development programs put in place by governments with the objective of accelerating economic growth.  Not satisfied with working just in their own country, governments are now establishing innovation competitions in other countries. How far should a government go to encourage innovation? I personally think this a great idea.  Being […]

Looking for funding to commercialize your innovation?


Have you’ve been looking for funding to commercialize your innovation but came up empty? One avenue that is growing in popularity are innovation competitions. If your ideas fits the requirements, its a source of innovation funding that doesn’t required you to give up any equity. One example is the recent UK Technology Strategy Board announcement. […]

3 More Innovation Contests

innovation competitions

The response to the original post of three interesting innovation contests was so positive, I’ve decided to start collecting contests and then posting them on the blog and on the twitter stream. I’m not sure why there is such a strong interest in contests. Maybe it has something to do with wanting to have some validation of our creative ability. At the same time, rejection of our ideas can be a challenge to our psyche.

Here are three more innovation contest that you may be interested in.

3 Interesting Innovation Competitions

innovation competitions

In a recent set of tweets, I commented on the growing number of innovation competitions.  A number of you responded by sending me a list of competitions that you found interesting.  If you have more competitions, post them as comments below or send them via email.  Given the challenges that are facing us as a […]