Is your compensation structure holding your organization back from innovation success?

    I’ve been recently laid up recovering from some medical work that I had done.  During this time, a number of my friends sent me their books to read.  Needless to say, I’m well stocked with reading material for the forciable future.  One person who recently gave me their new book (to be released […]

Can you measure the impact from innovation?

  One of the constant challenges for an innovator is to prove the value of their work.  Many believe that innovation and creativity cannot be measured and therefore will always struggle with getting the respect it deserves within an organization. The perception that innovation impact cannot be measures is a myth.  At the same time, […]

Here Is The Metric That Can Predict Future Innovation Value

How do you measure the productivity of your innovation investment?  The goal of any R&D organization is to conceive, develop and deliver product and/or services that customers will highly value and therefore be willing to pay a margin premium. The challenge is that the standard metric for innovation value is: R&D Productivity = R&D / Sales Every […]

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