A Unique Innovation: A Microscope that Fits in Your Shirt Pocket

When Manu Prakash took his idea to Bill and Melinda Gates, he probably encountered no small amount of skepticism.  His innovation?  A paper microscope that weighs less than a few coins, fits in your pocket and costs about one dollar to manufacture. He named it the foldscope. But Prakash had done his homework, and so was able to convince both […]

foldscope microscope

Military technology innovations to create the Navy of the future

It is no secret that a major source of innovation throughout history has been in the military such as the Navy. Researchers are always in the hunt to develop technologies to better wage war and prevail against an enemy. A recent article on the CNN website suggests that a number of innovations in military technology are about to change […]

navel military technology

Slides For “Predicting The Future: Answers Versus Questions” Speech

Last week, I gave a keynote speech at Edelman’s Leadership event in Chicago. The company brings together the top ~100 executives from around the world once a year. Richard Edelman asked me to present a talk at lunch about the “future of technology”. I took some liberty with the topic and focused on the needed skill of “planning for the future”.