Are you afraid of innovation?

afraid of innovation

What is an innophobic?  It is a person who is so afraid of innovation that they won’t even try. Have you ever noticed that when someone asks you to do something that you’ve never tried before; you immediately start hearing voices in our head trying to convince you that you can’t do it?  It happens […]

What is your innovation legacy?

innovation legacy

  One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately, especially given my recent announcement, is what will be my innovation legacy. Another person who pondered this question was Alfred Nobel.  Alfred teamed up with his brother and father and opened a lab in Stockholm to study nitroglycerine.  In 1866, he discovered that by mixing it […]

Why is it so hard to give a good speech?

The ability to communicate is a skill/ability that is in short supply.  I know of a number of highly intelligent people who seem to struggle during their presentations to share their ideas.  If you can’t effectively communicate, then the impact of your ideas is near zero.  Communicating, especially publicly in the form of a speech or presentation, […]

Five F’s Site

If you are regular listner of the podcast, you may recall a point I made in episode #45 (Feb 10th 2006).  The topic was around finding a mentor and I talked about the risk of focusing on money.  I shared a simple rule I use to help prioritize….. I called it the Five F’s. Faith […]