Why is it so hard to give a good speech?

The ability to communicate is a skill/ability that is in short supply.  I know of a number of highly intelligent people who seem to struggle during their presentations to share their ideas.  If you can’t effectively communicate, then the impact of your ideas is near zero.  Communicating, especially publicly in the form of a speech or presentation, […]

Presentation: An Introduction to the Killer Innovation Approach

Below are the slides from a presentation I gave last week introducing IT executives to the Killer Innovation Approach.  In addition to the slides, I ran the attendee’s through a “sample” workshop over dinner where they were provided a task/objective, they had to meet an idea quota, rank their ideas and then present their best […]

Innovation Tour Presentation

This is a presentation that I used during a dinner event for the Innovation Tour.  The content provides an overview on ideas/innovation and quick introduction to the killer innovation approach. NEW! – Now available for download.  Follow the link to SlideShare   | View | Upload your own   Technorati Tags: innovation,phil mckinney,creativity,innovation tour