How To Create Resilient Innovation Processes That Don’t Fail When Stressed

resilient innovation that doesn't break

It’s times of stress that really test the strength or weakness of your organization. During stressful times, you learn what the people in your organization are made of—but also whether the systems, functions, and processes you’ve put in place are resilient to withstand the crises that inevitably come your way. Industry shifts, market downturns, unexpected competitors: […]

Why is Slack Time So Important to Innovation?

free time to think create and innovate

In the modern workplace, it seems time is one of the most precious commodities – and getting scarcer by the day. Employees are encouraged to work from the moment they sit down at their desks until the moment they clock out, with minimal breaks in between. Sometimes, even bathroom breaks and opportunities to get up […]

The Stress Of Innovation

The Stress Of Innovation

  As an innovation program gets ready to launch an idea into the market, the stress level within the team rises.  Stress is normal.  We start questioning the execution, the love of the idea … Is still the best idea we could have executed? Will the market respond to our idea? Have we done our […]


  This last weekend, my son and I were out grocery shopping.  A unique experience for two bachelors since my wife is still in Virginia selling the house.  As we walked down the shopping aisle, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of differentiation.  Have you ever noticed the growing number of brands for water, […]