What are the unshakable beliefs in my industry about what customers want? What if the opposite where true?

Its easy when we are being successful to stick our heads in the sand and believe our own PR. We can easily brush off minor threats with the argument that the customer wouldn’t go for whatever was being offered. We hold on to the belief that we know best what trade-offs they are not willing to make. Be careful.

Speech: Future Trends Predicted in 1999

Creating a vision video to tell your innovation story

Someone recently sent me an video of a speech I gave to HP back in 1999. At the time, I was still with Teligent. As I listen to it, I’m amazed at the points I made. Had I listened to myself, I would have saved myself a lot of grief from the decline in my […]

Speech: The Power Of Ubquity

The Power Of Ubiquity

Attached is the MP3 for a speech I gave at ITU Korea in September. This is a 20 minute presentation on “Ubiquity” (theme for ITU this year …). This is the first presentation where HP begins to define the concept behind “federation” as it applied to the communication industry. The speech covers: – federation of […]