The CD Project …

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A common request I get is to create something that listeners of the podcast can share with their managers and team members.  Something that shares the foundational “what” and the “how” of innovation without listening to the +60 hours of audio that now makes-up the podcast catalog.

The CD Project

For the last number of months, I've been recording the audio to create a CD that anyone can download, burn and share.

The project is not yet done but I wanted to give you something …  The links below are to the podcast audio files that will ultimately will be used to create the CD.

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Track 1: Why is innovation important?      (show notes)

Track 2: A better way to innovate      (show notes)

Track 3: Focus your innovation search      (show notes)

Track 4: Ideation – Creating killer ideas by asking killer questions      (show notes)

Track 5: Ranking your ideas      (show notes)

Track 6: Execution – Translating idea to innovations      (show notes)


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