Yes, I am a Eagle Scout (Forbes video) . . .

eagle scout badge

During a previous interview session I did with Kym McNicholas at Forbes, I mentioned that we had to be done at a specific time as I had to take my Boy Scout troop on a camp out that weekend.  Kym became intrigued with my involvement with Boy Scouts and asked if she and a cameraman could attend one of the troop meetings. During the interview, I shared the story of how I almost didn't become an Eagle Scout.

They attended the meeting a few weeks back and recently posted the video.

HP's Eagle Scout


Update: This video has resulted in a large number of emails from parents looking for advice on how they get their sons (and now daughters) to complete the steps to get their Eagle. If you are one of those parents, feel free to drop me an email. I don't have a magic formula. What I have found that helps is to find an Eagle in your area to talk with your unit and share the impact having earned Eagle has had on their career.

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