A Different Perspective

click here All of our lives, we've been conditioned to think in terms of opposites:
– Up or down
– Big or small
– Fast or slow
– Good or bad
This simplistic way of dividing everything into equal and opposite groupings restricts our ability to recognize complexities. Subtleties. Opportunities in the chaos.
Not everything can be understood in this self-taught short hand.
An example is the classic definition of an optimist or a pessimist. An optimist sees the glass of water as half full while the pessimist sees the water as half empty. But – there are more perspectives than just these two.
The idealist comes along and says the glass “ homework help sites should be full“.
The realist ignores the condition of the water and says the glass “ https://www.thp.org/generic-cialis-chemist-warehouse/ is“.
The anarchist says “ college term paper help break the glass“.
The capitalist wants to “ source site sell the glass
While the environmentalist protests to “ source save the water“.
Only two sides to every question? No.
When it comes to finding the killer idea, human nature is for use to stop looking when we feel we have found “our” answer to the problem or question.

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