Are You Blind To The Disruptive Trends In Your Industry?

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Be careful of the trend

When I saw this cartoon on my flight back from China last week, I couldn't stop laughing. It reminded me how easy it is to be blind to the disruptions that are happening all around us.

How is it that we can't see the changes happening?  Because it requires that we admit that we missed something and that others are exerting change upon us. Not a comfortable position for executives to find themselves in.  In the case of the change portrayed in the cartoon, I may have to write a book someday.

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In my experience, its better to be the leader when it comes to creating the future.


Cartoon (c) by Banx Cartoons

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2 thoughts on “Are You Blind To The Disruptive Trends In Your Industry?

  1. Personal Computing has gone through a shift from Desktop -> Laptop -> Tablet -> Phone, and established PC ecosystem that is used to incremental innovations, have been slow in adjusting to the speed of the Mobile ecosystem. The next shift to Wearables will make Tablets/Phones look antiquated. We are already seeing signs of this as users demand truly Personalized Computing, and the Tablet and Phone businesses collapse for everyone except for a few players.

    • Winston …

      Not sure I agree on the “speed”. Laptops can cycle very fast (new models in 6 to 9 months). What is missing is leaderships willingness to get out of the rut of “small steps” and take a risk.

      As for what’s next — I’m a big fan of wearables as the one of many “next waves”. The following is a link to a video on one of the early concepts in this space.


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