Beyond The Obvious Translations Available in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Beyond The Obvious Translations

When I signed my book deal with Hyperion to publish my book, Beyond The Obvious, it also included global rights. What this meant was that Hyperion purchased the right to have Beyond The Obvious translations in any language they choose.

As an update, Beyond The Obvious has now been translated and released in:

  • Japanese (キラー・クエスチョン 常識の壁を超え、イノベーションを生み出す質問のシステム) Available at:  or  7 Net Shopping
  • Korean (명백함을 뛰어넘는 아이디어 혁신 전략!) Available at: Daum  or  Kyobo

What I find interesting is how different the covers are in each country.  When Hyperion (now owned by Hachette) won the bidding for my book, they negotiated and secured the world-wide rights. The upside was they would put the energy behind finding publishers in each country. The downside has been that I've lost some amount of control. While the Japanese and Korean editions just came out, the Chinese translation has been out ~6 months and has sold quite well.

Note:  100% of my author royalties go to charity (including international editions).

If you wish to purchase an autographed copy of Beyond The Obvious, visit our store at Innovation.Tools.

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