Don’t be shy about your success. Tell the innovation story

innovation story of GE

For many of the innovations we take for granted, we miss out on hearing what went in to making it happen.  After my post yesterday on Jet Blue, I got an email from a reader with links to a series of video's put out by GE on the technology and innovations that went into making their jet engines.  Normally, these kinds of video's are marketing/promotions videos with a thin veneer of innovation.  The result is a turnoff.  In the case of GE, they did an excellent job of communicating the innovation challenges and breakthroughs in making engines that were quieter, lighter and more fuel efficient while at the same time, not coming across like your being marketed to. Its an excellent example of how to tell the innovation story.

For larger organizations, its hard to tell the innovation story in a way that conveys the wow and wonder of human ingenuity.  Its these stories that need to told as way to inspire the next generation of inventors.

If you like this one, then I would suggest you subscribe to the GE Youtube channel.

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