Killer Question #38

Have you ever wondered what life was like before battery powered power tools?  I’m a nut for tools … drills, saws, nail guns … you name it, I want it.  I remember as a kid helping my dad do odd jobs around the house.  The biggest hassle was dragging power cords around to power the tools.  When my dad purchased an early version of the batter powered drill, I thought nirvana had arrived.

Do you know the history of this innovation?  It all started in April of 1969 when Makita deliver their soltution to the hassel of powering drills by launching the 6500D battery-powered drill as the first rechargeable power tool.

Makita didn’t rest there.  They have remained focused on a creating a series of innovations that helped reduce or eliminate the hassle of of using power tools for both construction works and do-it-yourselfers like me.  These string of innovations include:

  • April, 1969 – 6500D battery-powered drill  as the first rechargeable power tool.
  • Dec 1978 – 6010D rechargeable drill  as the first nickel cadmium battery tool
  • Feb 1981 – AN5000 pneumatic nailer and AC6001 air compressor as the first air power tools
  • Aug 1997 – 6213D rechargeable driver-drill  as the first nickel hydride battery tool
  • Feb 2005 – TD130D as the first to use Lithium-ion battery

Talk about focus and leadership by answering just one question …

What makes my product hard to use?

Source: Makita company site
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